Airtel Data Balance Code: 3 Methods To Check Fast!

Airtel formally known as Zain is one of the top telecommunication provider in Nigeria and the whole of continent Africa for many years now till date.

Do you wish to check your airtel data balance fast? This is the right article for you to do just that here without any stress whatsoever.

There are three major ways to acess your data balance fast without any waste of time which are Airtel mobile app and a USSD code.

Simple USSD Code To Check Airtel Data Balance?

1. This is done with the use of a USSD code which is *140# as we know, oh you don’t know lol at least now you know.

2. Another USSD code used to check Airtel data balance code is *223#

3. Here is the last USSD code used by some mobile phones to check their Airtel data balance which is *123*10#

Airtel provides numerous data bonus when you buy any of their plans such as the 1gb plan, 2gb plan. 4gb Plan, 7gb and others.

2nd Method To Check Airtel Data Balance?

The next way to check data balance on Airtel is via their mobile application which is available for download in all app stores such as the Google Play Store, IOS Store, and others.

With the Airtel app, you can easily send complaints to the customer team or solve any issues that may arise soon.

3rd Method To Check Airtel Data Balance

This is the last method used to check data balance on Airtel which involves the use of another USSD code.

1. To use this USSD code, type *141*712*0#
2. Wait for a few minutes, you will be sent an SMS
3. That sms you receive should show your Airtel Data Balance.

Top Airtel Check Codes

1.*!23*7# – Check Airtel SMS balance
2.*123# – Check Airtel Airtime balance
3.*121*8# – Check Airtel 4g data balance
5.*566# – Check Airtel Special Offers
6.*282# – Check Airtel Phone Number
7.*888# – Check Airtel Notifications
8.*141# – Airtel Data Plans Code

Top Airtel Daily Data Plans

1. 20MB 24hrs – 50naira
2. 75MB 24hrs – 100naira
3. 200MB 3days – 200naira
4. 350MB 7days – 300naira
5. 750MB 14days – 500naira

Top Airtel Monthly Data Plans

1.1.5GB 30days – 1,000naira
2.2.5GB+1GB Night 30days – 1,500naira
3.3.5GB 30days – 2,000naira
4.4.5GB+1GB Night 30 days – 2500naira
5.5.5GB +1GB Night 30 days – 3000naira

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I hoped you enjoyed this review on how to check Airtel data balance, Airtel codes and Airtel data plans kindly leave a comment below. Thanks.

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